Video Assets in the Internet Economy

September 18, 2017

People and businesses who have created high quality videos for the Internet are going to be enjoying the next 30 years as their videos get watched over and over with future generations. Our culture is putting everything on the Internet, and as we consider where “Internet Television” is taking us we see new “Internet TV Channels” popping up. This presents a chance to have a discussion around how TV content is created… the style and purpose.

TV has become very fast paced and dramatic, with the need to keep you hanging until after the commercial break. The Internet is leaning towards shorter form content with short explosive ads. But, how will the style change as we step back from thisĀ need for bombardment which came from the days of the non-interactive television experience.

Internet TV will be something that is watched well into the future, and the life-span of your content will be determined by the quality and timeliness. Is your video timely? Does it have an expiration date? Is it repurpose-able? Would it be well suited for re-mixing?

As we get into these topics and areas of discussion notTV will curate these conversations and much more.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to notTV for ideas and discussions around the future of media.

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