Inside the Minds of Internet Comedy Video Executives

November 24, 2015

Source: Splitsider

Sam Reich said he saw the internet as “a kind of show runner boot camp,” that they’re looking for people who have taken the time and initiative to make something good on their own, and through that have proven not just that they have funny ideas, but that they have the passion and capacity to competently create videos around those ideas. And this specifically referred to production competence, the phrase “know how to light a scene” was repeatedly used (and while you’re at it, make absolutely sure you have a good sound recordist).

Asked what is the best way to get a meeting with a digital platform development exec – and specifically if it required an agents or manager — Poole responded “Recommendations are really powerful. If someone I know and trust says I should meet someone, then I’m always excited to. That could be an agent or manager or just a friend.”

The entire panel encouragingly expressed interest in seeing more unique and personal ideas rather than chasing after already existing formats and proven successes.

The overall sentiment was that the market for digital video comedy is actually vast (almost every television network now has a digital arm actively looking for content, not to mention Vimeo, AOL, Yahoo!…), and there’s no accepted consensus as to what works and what doesn’t. What is important is actually Going Out And Making Things. And following ideas that are as specific and unique as possible, while proving you can execute them with the highest degree of production competence and confidence available to you.

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