VHX.tv – Launch Your Own Streaming Video Service

November 19, 2015

Source: The Verge

The traditional world of network and cable television is in decline, with ratings slumping and subscribers shrinking. It’s a big iceberg, and it’s melting slowly, but the trajectory is clear. At the same time, however, a new breed of programming that in many ways looks and feels like television is blossoming online. For a long time the only way to make money in that world was through advertising, primarily on YouTube, but in the last few years the industry has seen a shift, with content creators switching to direct sales and subscriptions.

One of the startups behind that revolution is New York-based VHX. The company’s tagline is “launch your own streaming video service,” and over the last two years it has helped a lot of relatively small creators build thriving businesses. Today the company announced that it will move beyond just handling payments for its creators, and will start working with them to build apps for smartphones, tablets, and over-the-top platforms like Roku and the Apple TV.


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