YouTube Brass Pitch Google Preferred at Brandcast

March 25, 2015

Advertisers can zero in on the good stuff with Google Preferred, buying ads on the top five percent of YouTube’s inventory. Plus, that buy now comes with a guarantee.

While other video destinations pitch their best upcoming original content in the hopes of getting advertisers to sign on, YouTube doesn’t have original content to pitch. Instead, it reminds the audience that it’s the site that creates dance trends for the rest of the world to follow, and it’s the site that turns 13-year-olds broadcasting from their bedrooms into megastars.

Besides selling its reach and influence, this year YouTube sold Google Preferred, a selection of the top five percent of YouTube’s content. With so many videos on YouTube, advertisers must feel overwhelmed, unsure where to put their money. Google Preferred lets them know they’re getting the most popular content in whatever category reaches their target audience.

Source: Streaming Media

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