Securing Canada’s Place in the Digital Future

March 4, 2015

In 2011, the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) undertook a study entitled Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industry. The study focused on the US digital content industry and specifically, on changing and alternative outlets and models for financing and distributing content.

In just under four years, the digital media environment has changed dramatically with most online outlets fully committed to commissioning original programming and many traditional media companies also producing ‘digital first’ original content. ‘Content Everywhere’ is now an imperative for any and all media companies.


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Content Everywhere 2 seeks to identify opportunities for Canadian content producers that have emerged in the original digital content space. This White Paper aims to answer the following questions:

  1. What has happened in the emerging marketplace (English-language) for content created outside of the traditional studio and broadcast system over the past three to four years?
  2. Who are the new content buyers in the US, Canada and the UK, and what are they commissioning?
  3. How are traditional media players responding to the rising tide of OTT original production?
  4. Four years ago, Canada did not have any players of scale in the original digital content space. Has this changed? What are the domestic opportunities for Canadian producers?
  5. What do case studies of TV series and web series produced for digital platforms tell us about changing financing parameters?

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