Algorithmic modeling is essential for solid advertising performance insights

March 4, 2015

It’s clear: attribution is a hot topic for brands and agencies alike. But how does it really work, where do you even begin to tackle it and how do you know if your approach is working?

In the third episode of the TEG Talks Series, you will learn what makes a good multi-touch attribution methodology and why algorithmic modeling is essential for solid performance insights. By exploring these key considerations, the presentation delves into the history of multi-touch attribution and how it’s dramatically evolved into a sophisticated, automated means to understanding true marketing ROI–across online and offline touch points.

  • Are your results derived from real-time machine-learned data, not intuition or arbitrary rules?
  • Does it yield accurate results when tested on historical data?
  • Is it stable over time?
  • It is transparent, comprehensible & easy to action on?

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