What is Ultraviolet?

March 2, 2015

The term, “ultraviolet authorized reseller” returns zero relevant search results on yahoo and three on google:

  1. http://www.uvdemystified.com/uvfaq.html
  2. https://www.uvvu.com/en/fr/where-to-get
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UltraViolet_%28system%29

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem,[2] an alliance of 85 companies that includes film studios, retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, cable TV companies, ISPs, network hosting vendors, and other Internet systems and security vendors, with the notable exceptions of Disney, Google, and Apple. Disney recently launched its own Digital Locker called Disney Movies Anywhere, powered by Keychest. Disney Movies Anywhere currently connects to three providers; iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

In 2008, the DECE was chartered to develop a set of standards for the digital distribution of premium Hollywood content. The intention was to create a set of rules and a back-end system for management of those rules that will enable consumers to share purchased digital content between a domain of registered consumer electronics devices.

DECE’s “digital locker” system is called UltraViolet.

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