YouTube to Launch Child-Friendly App for Android Devices

February 26, 2015

The app will help young viewers find popular series, while letting parents set a timer to control daily viewing time.

Netflix has offered a child-friendly interface for years, and now YouTube is following suit. On Monday, YouTube will launch YouTube Kids, and app that makes finding appropriate videos easy for young viewers while keeping them away from more adult fare. Not surprisingly, since YouTube is owned by Google, the app will launch on Android first. YouTube didn’t announce when an iOS version will be available.

YouTube Kids offers a large-button interface with greatly simplified options. Eight large images let kids tap for popular series. A row of five large icons sits above that, where kids can tap a TV set to see TV programs or a light bulb to see learning videos. A binoculars icon calls up a variety of popular videos. The search tool works with voice input, and instructs kids to try something else if they enter a term that would lead to adult content.

Parents will be able to use the app to limit how much video time their kids get. Parents can sign in with a password and set a daily timer.

According to USA Today, the app has been in the works for months, and was created with assistance from in-house engineers who are parents, as well as third-party testers and organizations like Common Sense Media.


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