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July 3, 2012

The convergence of telecommunications, computing and the media. This is not TV.

The business model we use moving forward creates an all access platform for creators, sponsors and the audience to come together harmoniously. This is a cooperative model and design moderated by the creators. Language is an important tool in the development of this platform, this community. Terminology and semantics are at the root of the next generation Internet. The next stage of development involves a redesign of the telecommunications industry which will have a fundamental impact on the global economy with ripple effects into every other industry.

Progress forces us to share a vision for the future requiring a collective paradigm shift. This fundamental change allows us to re-build our economic structure into a platform that supports the advance of our society both culturally and technologically.

The design of the notTV project embraces the current Internet system while introducing a new Internet system effectively bridging the gap between the world as we know it and the world of the future. This includes blueprints for hardware and software technologies weaved into the business model and embedded into a social economic system. Utilizing existing designs and technologies; this project builds on what we currently know and understand. Success is derived from a behavioral shift in how we conduct business with one another; a shift in thinking to work collaboratively, not competitively.

There are many stages of development, requiring a full-time team to bring this project into the light. At this time notTV continues to seek a co-founder with financial support. Until then we continue our slow and steady progress building the business model [it seems] everybody is looking for.

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