Back in the Saddle

January 23, 2012

The NotTV project is getting a fresh start for 2012. Looking back over the past 4 years of research and design a great deal of insight has been gained into the online media community.

The foundation is being poured and at the heart of the project we have NotMedia (parent). NotTV is in development and NotNews is making progress. At this time that is all of the information we can divulge.

Time is running out for investors to show their interest in this project. As the operations get refined and the communication gets more precise the offering becomes more narrow. Realistically there is less than three months left to get on board this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We are looking for the right investor(s). What does that mean? The right investor understands the new economy and will bring strength and experience to the team.

Since this project has been in development for four years we have done a lot of groundwork and many will be surprised at the progress we make this year. We are moving forward with determination and focus knowing that the opportunity is still wide open as none of our competitors have matched our business model.

Wondering who our competition is? It would be a combination of, but not exclusive to (and there may even be some collaboration between), YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix,, Livestream (formerly Mogulus),, Ooyala,, Just The Story, Only One TV, Roku, Apple TV, GoogleTV and M-GO.

Let’s begin a discussion about the future of media, culture and communications…

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