What is NotTV?

March 21, 2011

NotTV is exactly that – it’s NotTV. But the name is actually a play on words because it’s essentially a recreation of television for the Internet and the Internet is definitely not TV. The concept of new media is still so new that there may be some confusion around what Internet television is, or could possibly be. IPTV (Internet-Protocol Television) is a type of Internet Television; but, it’s closer to traditional television than what NotTV is promising to be. NotTV delivers content on demand. It also reinvents the process of content acquisition and distribution. Business models such as Netflix and MoboVivo embrace the traditional licensing method of content acquisition, whereas NotTV is an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to content, licensing, and copyright.

The Internet has created a new economy, requiring us to let go of 20th century business concepts and create entirely new models. Not every industry is capable of adapting to the Internet economy. It’s as though we are sitting on the bank of a raging river and every day the river is getting bigger and flowing faster. On the other side of the river is an entirely new world, waiting for our creation and new business concepts. The river represents technology. Everyday technology is advancing, the world is getting smarter and faster – the river flows harder and faster. The challenge is navigating the river and making it to other side. A business needs to be amphibious or it might not survive the intensity of the river. But not all businesses are amphibious. Some won’t make it. Others will. And on the other side of the river there are new opportunities that have never existed, that have never been imaginable. It’s an amazing time we live in, it just takes some consideration and vision. First we need to see the river, and then we need to start building a raft. My raft is NotTV.

I went through Broadcasting school at Mount Royal University in 2004. My passion is in my career and as the media industry changes so must I. In 2008 I started building NotTV out of necessity. I’m a trained camera operator turned producer and I’m eager to create content that has no home on traditional television, but content that rivals television in quality. The problem is, there is nowhere to put that content that will earn me enough royalty so that I can make a career out of it. And I know others are in the same position. NotTV is an answer to that problem.

Music videos, documentaries, shorts, movies, and series will all have a home on NotTV; earning the creators an eternity of royalty. But, there’s a lot more to the system than just royalty. Since we’re re-inventing the television industry we may as well invent some new features too. However, I’m not at liberty to discuss all of the features.

It’s been a challenge to raise any capital for this project, some people seem to understand what we’re doing but nobody really seems to get it. Finally in 2011, the presentation is becoming a lot clearer. Last year it would take over 10 hours of explanation, now people are clicking in less than 30 minutes. That’s a good sign. We’ve got a great development team and the first prototype will be ready in April.

The second prototype we hope to be ready by the end of the year, we’re still scrounging for resources but we’ve had a couple of equipment donations which is a huge step forward. I don’t think people realize what’s involved with plugging into the Internet economy. We live in a world of applications and technology. Our greatest asset is research and development, but this requires resources. I upgrade my computer every year and the advances in technology are just amazing. But the advances in television (or should I say not television) are going to be even more amazing. You’ll have to wait and see.


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