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February 25, 2011
NotTV - Internet Television

TV on YOUR Terms

How is NotTV different from any other website?

I had a great day, thank you.

That wasn’t my question

Oh, but it wasn’t?

There are many things to talk about.

Wait! How are we differentiating ourselves here?

Well, first of all there are no “selves” and you just jumped backwards in your text. So you be #2.

2: Okay.

1: What the issue is, really it’s about the Internet….

2: Wait wait wait… this whole 1 and 2 thing is going to get confusing.

1: What would you prefer?

2: I don’t know.. um, an avatar of somesort.

1: So be it.

2 Thanks.

1 No problem. What was I talking about.

2 The web…

1 The Internet Economy actually.

2 What do you mean the Internet Economy?

1 Well, you know about the Internet economy.

2 No.

1 It’s a 21st century business paradise.

2 Is paradise the right word?

1 In this paradise any professional can connect with each other regardless of geographical whereabouts.

2 That means I can work from a boat.

1 If it has Internet access.

2 -0-

1 The Internet Economy still isn’t fully understood. There are lots of books popping up about it.

2 Like that new book… something in the Now… er..

1 Yes, The Now Revolution and there are blogs.

2 Right, bloggers are fueling the economy aren’t they?

1 They are definitely driving the marketing shift. Where do you go for your information?

2 Um, Youtube.. actually not really. I just use Google. Really, I think we can find anything on the Internet.

1 Yes, and where do the search engines typically go?

2 Well, to blogs generally. They’re the cheapest and easiest websites to setup. Plus, I keep reading about how new businesses need to offer knowledge and information to stand apart from the crowd.

1 Right, and how many competing experts are there?

2 Competing? well, I don’t really think anybody competes on the same level.. we all have a unique perspective to offer the world.

1 And how many areas, or niches if you will, do you suppose there are for these experts to occupy?

2 Jeez, there must be thousands.

1 Try millions.

2 Whoa, I guess..

1 How do you get your information?

2 You mean other than searching for it?

1 Yes.

2 Friends.

1 And?

2 Favourite Websites

1 Such as?

2 Facebook… but I guess that counts as friends.

1 It’s a website, it counts. Where else?

2 Well, Twitter.. I get some of my information from Twitter.. oh and mailing lists, I’m subscribed to a few.

1 Any others?

2 Magazines, newspapers. Flyers and Billboards. They all direct me to the Internet.

1 And how do you find out what’s happening in your community? Close to home.

2 My community association sends out a printed newsletter every month.

1 Do you read it?

2 Well, no.

1 So, how else do you find out what’s going on?

2 Bus Ads.

1 Seriously?

2 Ya. I’m always riding the bus.

1 Okay, well what about TV?

2 I don’t watch it.

1 Why not?

2 Too over dramatic.. too showy.

1 You don’t watch the news?

2 Not really…

1 How do you get your news updates?

2 Well, the Internet. I know it will tell me what I need to know.

1 But how do you know what to look for?

2 I don’t… I mean, if something’s going on that’s a big deal then I’m sure I’ll hear about it on Facebook or something.

1 What if the Internet went offline?

2 Ya right, like that could happen.

1 It’s a possibility.

2 Um….

1 Well here’s the idea,

NotTV -> News
A 24×7 live broadcast of news that matters.
Reporting on technology, science, internet business, health & food industry, and stories reflecting positive world change.

Since the Internet is global it spans every time zone and never sleeps. The clock we would display on our news channel would be a map of the world showing a vertical strip indicating where the sun is shining with the other areas being illuminated in tiny dots representing cities and areas currently connected to the Internet.

The News Broadcast is to be delivered live using a P2P technology. With archive packs being distributed via torrents every hour.

This is to be an unbiased look at the world we live in. The mission is to provide an objective look at the real world. And if aliens were to land on Earth we would all know at exactly the same time.

2 Wow, sounds complicated.

1 And that’s not all.

2 It’s not?

1 No, there will also be channels much like television.

2 Channels? What kind of channels?

1 A food channel for example, with cooking shows

2 How do I put my cooking show on there?

1 Create an account and upload it.

2 That’s it?

1 Yes, but fair warning – all content uploaded is pre-screened for quality.

2 What does that mean?

1 It means your show has to be professional and broadcast quality.

2 What if I don’t know how to make a show broadcast quality?

1 If you are serious about making the show, then we will help you.

2 Really?

1 Yes, we want you to succeed. And if we can help that’s what we are here to do.

2 Awesome, so where do I start?

1 Start with the producer training portal. It will take you through the basics, which you can skip if you know it.

2 What kind of basics?

1 Stages of production, crew, equipment, legal matters (includes insurance), financing, and getting started.

2 Wow, that sounds intense.

1 We suggest you get post secondary education in the field if you really are serious about the profession.

2 Where can I go for that?

1 We have a list of associated schools and programs. Find somewhere in your area. Or you may be interested in studying in a new location. I highly recommend Calgary, AB. It’s in Canada and there’s no place like it. Located just an hour’s drive from the Rocky Mountains you’ll enjoy the friendly atmosphere and exciting weather.

2 That sounds like a shameless plug.

1 It could be. But I didn’t mention a particular school..

2 You lost me.

1 It’s all good. Go surf the web.

** Editor’s Note: NotTV is currently under development. For more information please email: travis [at]

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